2020 Success Stories

Walsin Technology-Mr.Lo

Mr. Lo is a native of Taiwan. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree from the Department of International Business, he enlisted in the armed forces and completed his duty as a national. During his service in the army, he had often thought about his future career development, and the idea of expanding his international perspective was instilled in him when he was introduced to Japanese culture as a student. Therefore, he decided to head to Japan to continue his studies as he was already familiar with the country. During the two years he spent living and studying in Japan, he thought the standards of living were good so he considered staying there to work.

He first planned to work in a Japanese company, but there are some restrictions on hiring foreigners and he was afraid he might not be able to integrate into Japanese corporate culture very well. By chance, he heard from a friend who also lived in Japan about an event set up by Taiwanese Corporations that match people to jobs. The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) commissioned the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to set up this event that was held in Tokyo on February 21, 2020. After careful consideration, he thought it might be a good option to work in a branch of a Taiwanese company in Japan. Perhaps there would be an opportunity in future to relocate to the headquarters in Taiwan. So he went to the event. As well as signing up as a talent member of the Contact TAIWAN website on the spot, he was also offered an interview with the human resources supervisor from the Japan branch of Walsin Technology.

Mr. Lo said that the staff at the matchmaking meeting were very pleasant. There were also a lot of Taiwanese students at the event, as well as Japanese, so it almost felt as if he were back in Taiwan. Furthermore, Mr. Lo discovered that the event really was quite an efficient way to find a job, unlike the job fairs he had attended in Japan. During the conference, one-to-one interviews for job vacancies posted by Taiwanese companies were conducted; as the event was hosted by an authoritative body of the Taiwanese government, many well-known companies took part. Most significantly, what impressed him the most were the long queues at the interview booth for Lion Travel Agency. A great number of job seekers had also gathered at the Sinyi Realty, Advantech, and Wistron booths. What’s more, some Taiwanese companies such as Corning, Vivotek, and MiTAC, were unable to attend the event but had requested TAITRA to help collect resumes on their behalf and forward these to their corporate headquarters.

         Although interviewing was inevitably quite stressful for Mr. Lo, he tried to do his best. After several interviews, he finally got one of his top job choices and stayed in Japan for work. He said that if there is any information on related events from Contact TAIWAN in the future, he would definitely encourage his friends and family to participate as they can make good use of the free talent recruitment resources offered by MOEA. Just like the friend who informed him about this event, he would definitely advise other Taiwanese students who go to Japan to study to attend and share his experience.