Hunya Foods, Zhang Ying-Tsai

Hunya Foods actively participated in the 2023 One-on-One Employment Meetings organized by TAITRA in April, held in Taipei. During this event, the company successfully recruited a talented individual from Vietnam. Subsequently, Hunya Foods applied to become a member of Contact TAIWAN and is enthusiastic about their plans to actively engage with the recruitment of professional talents from Southeast Asia. Notably, Hunya Foods is renowned in Taiwan for its production of chocolate-related products and is the proud founder of Asia's first chocolate museum in Taoyuan, dedicated to nurturing the culture and storytelling of chocolate in Taiwan.

Ying-Tsai, a Vietnamese national who arrived in Taiwan in 2020, embarked on his journey by pursuing a master's degree at Taiwan Aletheia University. His path to Hunya Foods began with the discovery of the 2023 One-on-One Employment Meetings event on his department's bulletin board. This opportunity allowed Ying-Tsai to interview with Hunya Foods and secure a position as a management trainee within the company.

Ying-Tsai's educational background was in international relations during his college years in Vietnam. While studying for his master's degree in Taiwan, he worked as an assistant to his thesis advisor for approximately seven months. This experience involved not only academic responsibilities but also extensive communication with teachers and department staff in Mandarin, significantly enhancing his Chinese language skills. This unique work experience not only honed his multi-faceted abilities but also fueled his desire to remain in Taiwan and pursue a doctoral degree.

Reflecting on his initial impressions of Taiwan, Ying-Tsai expressed his familiarity with the administrative procedures related to obtaining an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and work visas. He has become proficient at managing these processes independently, even without assistance from the hiring company. Taiwan's food and climate have made him feel at home, and he emphasized the high "quality of life" as a major draw for Vietnamese talents seeking employment in Taiwan

Ying-Tsai currently works as a management trainee at Hunya Food. When he started this job and some tasks like product handling, paperwork, and financial reports were challenging for him. Although his supervisors guided and assisted him, he still started to question whether to stick with his initial choice. During a chat with his supervisor about this later, he shared his thoughts and learned that being a " management trainee " meant the company expected him to quickly get familiar with various aspects of the job through training. After that, the supervisor often shared business insights, time-saving tips outside of work hours and his own experiences for leading newcomers. Ying-Tsai mentioned that compared to when he first started, the job no longer feels unfamiliar, and he now finds a sense of accomplishment. He believes that soon he'll be able to independently lead colleagues and become a reliable management talent within the company.

Looking ahead, Ying-Tsai intends to apply for a doctoral program in artificial intelligence in Taiwan while continuing to work, with no immediate plans to return to Vietnam. However, he envisions the possibility of exploring job opportunities in the United States in the future, driven by the presence of his sister and the allure of a global community that attracts talent from around the world.

In conclusion, Ying-Tsai shared his observation about the advantages of foreign professionals working in Taiwan, emphasizing their potential to leverage their native language skills and cultural backgrounds to serve as translators and take on significant roles within Taiwanese companies. He expressed his gratitude for Contact TAIWAN, a platform designed specifically for foreign talents in Taiwan seeking job opportunities, with its user-friendly interface that he has recommended to many of his Vietnamese friends. Ying-Tsai believes that his experience in Taiwan will not only be a standout feature on his resume but also contribute to Taiwan's ongoing appeal for foreign individuals, offering convenience and a friendly environment in areas such as food, accommodation, transportation, and more. This, he believes, will continue to attract foreigners and Vietnamese talents to live and work in Taiwan.