2020 Success Stories

Taishin Bank-Sofia Boarelli

Sofia, an Italian national, was hired by Taishin International Bank after successful interviews conducted over the telephone and by email. The company hired her through a recruitment event that hosted by Contact TAIWAN.

Sofia enrolled at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in March 2015 to complete her MIB (Master of International Business); it was her dream to learn Chinese and experience life in Taiwan. In the year of her graduation, in 2017, she learned through one of her classmates that Contact Taiwan was going to host a recruitment event at the Zenda Suites of NCKU, in Taiwan. Upon hearing this, she seized the opportunity and took part in the event. She went on to submit her resume on the Internet, as a talented member of Contact Taiwan, and register for an interview appointment; from there, she carefully made preparations for the interview — hoping to realize her dream of working in Taiwan.

Sofia mentioned that this was the first time she had participated in the talent recruitment event hosted by Contract TAIWAN. She was successfully recruited under the International Business Department of Taishin International Bank, to work as an assistant for the customer relationship manager. Her job assignments included producing financial reports, monitoring customer credit, ensuring customer investments, and maintaining customer relations, etc. The above-mentioned work requires an extensive use of Chinese, and Sofia was recognized by Taishin International Bank for her work performance based on her outstanding language and professional skills.

After two years, Sofia was transferred to the Financial Marketing Department to work as a structured product manager. It was her duty to discuss the development of new products with various business teams to ensure that the copywriting of new products conforms to related stipulations of legal risks. She also had to work with different departments to expand and improve the product management system, online banking APP, and other services. Although the daily work routines are saturated and challenging, Sofia enjoys them.

Sofia pointed out that a majority of service targets by regular campus recruitment fairs are Taiwanese students. However, the matching platform of Contact Taiwan and the service targets of its talent recruitment event also serves expatriates that are based in Taiwan — besides foreign and overseas Chinese students who graduate in Taiwan (like her) — to assist them with job transfers.

Hence, the companies involved in the event are those who need to hire foreign talents; and those companies which are seeking talents through the platform of Contact TAIWAN help the applicants with the registration of work visas.

Based on her registration experience from using this website and background in financial analysis, Sofia has put forward the following suggestions for improvement: currently, the list of job vacancies at the matchmaking website is presented in one single window, so that applicants must click the job vacancies of each company to check them one by one. Hopefully, an inquiry function for similar job categories can be provided in the future, such as "Overseas Business." As such, the system can then offer a list of vendor manufacturers according to the same job category, and applicants can quickly compare similar job vacancies offered by the different companies.

    Contact TAIWAN is a match-making platform that assists companies to recruit foreign talents (including foreign and overseas Chinese students). Since Sofia has successfully found a job through this platform, she is happy to help in promoting and introducing this platform to her friends — having been through it herself. Before the end of the interview, she went on to encourage both foreign and overseas Chinese students to plan for their work in Taiwan before graduation. All in all, her stay in Taiwan during her schooling is her most important memory, and it also initiated her first formal job in Taiwan. According to Sofia, there are many benefits to living in Taiwan; one can casually find a 24-hour convenience store around the corner, or a favorable medical environment, easy online shopping and delivery, and beautiful scenery. All of that has turned Taiwan into a suitable living place, and she has long been embraced into the big family of Taiwan — well, now is looking for her next dream life in Taiwan.