ITSC Office

ITSC Office



Situated at the heart of Asia, Taiwan has been as a main role of national commerce and technology. Lots of multinational enterprises set up their offices here, and increased more Asia jobs,Taiwan jobs, Asia works, Asia careers, Asia employments, etc. To expand their global businesses. You can learn more information about Asia environment, Asia jobs, Asia works, Asia careers, Asia employments, etc. And have the opportunity to work in Taiwan.--Contact TAIWAN,jobs Taiwan,Taiwan jobs

  • Tel: +886-2-2311-2031 (One-stop Recruiting Service)
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday  9AM-12PM, 1:30PM-6PM (GMT+8)
  • E-mail:
  • Add: 8F, No. 1 Xiangyang Road, Taipei, Taiwan


Our Mission: Help Companies Invest in Taiwan

The InvesTaiwan Service Center offers a single platform for all investment services. Our aim is to provide business-friendly services and attract foreign investments. A dedicated case manager is assigned to each case, and he/she provides customized start-to-finish services. After understanding the needs of investing companies, the ITSC provides services before, during, and after the investment process. ITSC will also leverage administrative coordination between central and local government agencies to assist companies with eliminating barriers to investment, thereby accelerating investment projects in Taiwan.

Our Services

  • Dedicated case manager with specific responsibilities provides customized start-to-finish services
  • Investment plan consulting, assessment, and tax/legal/regulatory consulting services
  • Assistance with locating land/plants/offices and applications for investment incentives, etc.
  • Coordination with central and local government agencies, acceleration of administrative procedures concerning investment projects
  • Working with specialized government and private resources to provide better services to investing firms
  • Talent recruiting consulting services