2020 Success Stories

Hon Chuan-Ade Julistian

We interviewed Ade at faraway in Indonesia, he initially contacted us in English via email. In the photo attached, we can see his big smile at the reception counter with the Hon Chuan Indonesia sign in the background. We will assess how he found the job through the talent recruitment services provided at the national Internet platform called Contact Taiwan and the story of his dream job in Taiwan!

In 2016 Ade came to Taiwan and studied at the graduate school of Chemical and Materials of the National Chin-Yi University of Technology in Taichung.  He enjoys the Taiwanese culture and people, therefore he has set the goal of joining a Taiwanese company before graduation.  It will be even better if he could be expatriated back to his hometown.  He successfully acquired a master’s degree in July 2018 after completiting a two-year program.  After working a year in Taiwan, he found the talent recruitment services provided by Contact Taiwan through the school and Internet surfing as well as participated in the one on one employment meeting (Taipei venue) for the first time in 2019.  He was fully prepared and has outstanding abilities such as; multi-lingual (Chinese, English, and Indonesian), knowledge of the market conditions in Taiwan, and Indonesia and he was successfully employed at an established company.      

Hon Chuan Group (Ade’s employer) is a company dedicated to OEM of beverage package materials.  The company aggressively engages in the global market and has operations in Asia, Europe, and Africa.  After he was notified that he was successful in his application, his family was very happy and supported him.  With training in Taichung headquarters, he is now expatriated to serve as a production management trainee at Hon Chuan (Indonesia) Branch in his hometown Indonesia.   

Ade found the job smoothly and benefited from New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan.  He said that the Taiwan government opens “scoring criteria quotation” for enterprises to more flexibly employ foreign and overseas Chinese students who graduated in Taiwan.  The foreign and overseas Chinese students acquiring at least a bachelor's degree like him may be exempted from the higher threshold of 2 years working experiences and salary reaching NT$47,971 for hiring foreigners. Provided that he/she scores above 70 points (full score 190 points).  For foreign and overseas Chinese students who study in Taiwan and intend to work at Taiwanese enterprises after graduation, the scoring criteria may encourage enterprises in job creation.  Meanwhile, foreign and overseas Chinese students may have more job options.  Therefore, it is a great advantage policy.

At the end ofthe interview, Ade also recommended that younger schoolmates frequently use Contact Taiwan resources.  There are rich data arrangements on the website.  In addition to matchmaking activities and conferences organized corresponding with the graduation season every year, the Chinese and English interfaces are also available on the portal.  It is the best platform for foreign and overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan to seek for a job after graduation.  You only need to register as a talented member for free, upload a resume, and pay attention to an interesting job offer or company, the job vacancy information related job vacancy information you are interested in will be sent weekly.  Meanwhile, younger schoolmates are also recommended to download Contact Taiwan APP for the latest activities information and apply matchmaking meeting sessions.  Never miss the job you desire, this is a rare opportunity for you to meet Taiwanese enterprises face-on-face.