Shang Dao Food Co., Ltd. - May Chen

May Chen, a Vietnamese overseas student working at Shang Dao Food Co., Ltd., is a young professional full of enthusiasm for Taiwanese tea culture. When we first met her at Shang Dao Food, her petite figure greeted us with a clean and shy smile, introducing her background and explaining how she came to her current workplace through Contact TAIWAN's service.

May currently works in the marketing department of Shang Dao Food Ltd., mainly responsible for enhancing the company's and products' image, as well as managing the schedules of related exhibition events. She mentioned that in this job, she has the opportunity to lead teams and organize events, which has allowed her to learn a lot of different experiences and feel a sense of achievement in her work.

"In my hometown of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, there are only rainy days and non-rainy days, always hot. But Taiwan has four distinct seasons, and I love Taiwan's autumn and winter," May said with a smile, describing her fondness for the distinct seasons in Taiwan. She is very grateful for platforms like Contact TAIWAN, which have become the best guideposts on her path to pursuing her dreams. She accidentally found out about Contact TAIWAN's matchmaking events through FB communities online and immediately signed up to participate. In her first year of participation, because she approached it with the mindset of gaining experience, she did not find a suitable job. But the second time she participated, she successfully found a job in marketing at Shang Dao Food.

Shang Dao Food Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of tea drink raw materials with six directly-operated factories at home and abroad, and is a long-established supplier of bubble tea raw materials. The company provides complete one-stop services for global exports, including cultivation, branding, raw materials, space, equipment, and operations. Many well-known chain beverage stores in Taiwan have specially customized formulas from the company for their exclusive drinks. The company also provides store opening consulting services, connecting restaurant teaching with store operations based on the experience of operating the Kili Bay Bubble Tea Cultural Center, providing professional tea drink teaching and supplying operational raw materials.

On the day of the visit to the headquarters located in New Taipei City, the exterior was not an attractive building, but upon stepping into the headquarters, a different world greeted the eye, with shelves filled with various food materials, colorful bubbles, ingredient packages, etc., overloading the senses. During the interview, May patiently explained various raw materials. Just for milk powder alone, there were dozens of varieties on the shelves beside the counter. May allowed us to choose our favorite milk powder, and on the spot, she customized different flavors of bubble tea for us, allowing us to taste different textures.

May said she came to Taiwan to study around the age of 20 as an exchange student. During her three-plus years at Ming Chuan University's Department of International Trade, she actively participated in campus activities and clubs, and through the Contact TAIWAN platform, she found a job at Shang Dao Food, starting her journey towards achieving her dreams. In fact, drinks like Bubble tea are very popular in Vietnam, and her dream is to open her own bubble tea shop, and Shang Dao Food has opened the door for her to pursue this dream.

Regarding Contact TAIWAN, May also offered suggestions. She felt the platform's advantage lies in having an English interface, making it easy for foreigners to receive relevant information. She hopes the platform can consider offering short-term or part-time jobs for foreign talents who come to Taiwan for short periods or are still studying in Taiwan. Besides helping foreigners further understand Taiwan, it also allows students to balance between academics and work flexibly.

During our afternoon immersed in diverse cultures, we marveled at bubbles swirling within uniquely shaped bottles, each small and charming. We also indulged in custom-crafted milk tea, each sip revealing delightful, distinct flavors. May had a shy yet enthusiastic look, while talking about how she has embraced her dreams, traveling far from her hometown in Vietnam to another country at such a young age, studying and working here. She has already made her own lifestyle in Taiwan. we hope that her future journey will lead her to the successful realization of her dreams.