Kao Ming machinery Industrial – Taufik Alfajri Zulhelmi

Kao Ming machinery is the first successful manufacturer in Taiwan to develop rotary arm drilling machines and large gantry-type machine tools. Its clients range from automotive equipment manufacturers, aerospace, and defense sectors. It is also the first Taiwanese machine tool manufacturer to enter the Chinese market. Currently, its sales footprint extends to various countries in Europe, America, and Asia. To provide customers with comprehensive and timely service, the company urgently needs to recruit new talent. However, Taiwan is facing a severe talent shortage, compounded by the high-tech industry attracting talent, leading to a more critical shortage of skilled workers in the machinery industry.

According to Manager Liao, the head of the management department, this year, unable to find local talent in Taiwan, the company indirectly received information from the Contact TAIWAN Overseas Compatriot Employment Matching Fair. They quickly registered as members of the Contact TAIWAN platform and signed up for the event. On the day of the event, they interviewed several foreign students, but none matched the qualifications for a software engineer position. Almost ready to give up, they encountered Taufik Alfajri Zulhelmi from Indonesia, who had a background in electronic engineering. Considering that most of the factory operators were Indonesian migrant workers, having a common native language would facilitate future communication in machine operation. Therefore, Zulhelmi was immediately hired.

Zulhelmi majored in electronic engineering during his university studies in Indonesia and was passionate about technology research and cross-cultural experiences. After completing his bachelor's degree, he came to Taiwan to pursue a master's degree at Chung Yuan Christian University. During his studies and employment in Taiwan, he served as a research and teaching assistant in applied English at the university and Shu-Zen College of Medicine and Management. Through interactions with Taiwanese students, he deeply experienced the collision and fusion of different cultures, developing a strong affection for Taiwan. After completing his thesis in 2022, he hoped to continue working in Taiwan and contribute his expertise. Learning about the Contact TAIWAN Overseas Compatriot Employment Matching Fair from the Indonesian students' association in Taiwan, he seized the opportunity to register and join. After becoming a member of the CT website, he submitted his resume, completed the interview registration, and prepared earnestly for the interview. He successfully joined Highly Precision Machinery as a software development engineer in August this year, fulfilling his dream of working in Taiwan.

We also discreetly asked Zulhelmi's HR manager about his adaptation to the job. According to Manager Liao, Zulhelmi has been very stable in his performance, with excellent technical skills and smooth communication with on-site operators, contributing significantly to the company's business advancement. Zulhelmi is one of the beneficiaries of the Overseas Compatriot Employment Evaluation System, which allows foreign graduates in Taiwan to be exempt from the requirement of two years of work experience and a higher salary threshold for hiring foreign nationals.

In the final part of the interview, we asked Zulhelmi if he would recommend Contact TAIWAN's resources to his fellow students. He mentioned that he had previously tried platforms like 104, 1111, and attended various campus job fairs, but these platforms and events mainly targeted Taiwanese students, resulting in no success for him. In contrast, the CT platform is specifically designed for foreign students in Taiwan, offering a bilingual interface and serving as the best platform for post-graduation job hunting. By registering as a talent member for free, uploading resumes, and following interesting job openings or companies, users receive weekly push notifications about relevant job opportunities. Since CT helped him find his ideal job and stay in Taiwan, he plans to continue sharing this excellent job-seeking platform with his fellow students.