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FAQ - Documents

  • Q1: Where can a Certificate of Entry and Exit Record verifying the dates of legal residence or visit be obtained?

    Please apply to the Service Centers of NIA under the Ministry of the Interior or Use a Citizen Digital Certificate to apply via the NIA’s global information web porta(Web site: https://ncp.immigration.gov.tw/niaweb/entryExitForeignQuery).
    The address is: No. 15, Guangzhou St., Chungcheng District, Taipei City
    Information hotline: +886-2-2389-9983
    Switchboard number: +886-2-2388-9393
    Web site: https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5475/5478/141465/141808/180164/

  • Q2: Should all applications for employing foreign professionals be submitted to the Ministry of Labor?

    I. Employers must submit applications to the Ministry of Labor to apply for work permits for foreign professionals, except under the following circumstances:
    1. Applications for employing foreign ship crew members shall be submitted to the Ministry of Transportation & Communications.
    2. Businesses in the zones as referred below that employ foreign professionals to engage in the specialized or technical jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 of the Employment Services Act, shall submit the applications for permits to its respective administration:
    (1) Businesses in science parks shall submit applications for permits to the science park administrations.
    (2) Businesses in MOEA export processing zones shall submit applications for permits to the Export Processing Zone Administration.
    (3) Businesses in MOTC free trade zones shall submit applications for permits to the Export Processing Zone Administration.
    (4) Business in the Taoyuan Aviation Free Trade Zone shall submit applications for permits to the Civil Aeronautics Administration, the MOTC. 

    3.School teachers listed in the Subparagraph 3, Paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Employment Service Act shall apply to the Ministry of Education for permission

    (1)Teacher at a public or registered private college/university or school established especially for foreign residents.
    (2)Approved teacher teaching course(s) on foreign language(s) at a public or registered private primary or high school.
    (3)Teacher teaching course(s) at a public or registered private experimental high school's bilingual department or at bilingual school(s).


    Ⅱ. Foreigners who will stay in the Republic of China for a period of 30 days or less on an entry visa and who meet one of the following requirements shall be deemed eligible to work:

    1. Work detailed in Paragraph 3, Article 51 of the Act. 
    2. To help assist in the solution of emergency situations and related problems for the pur-pose of public welfare and to engage in work prescribed in Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Act.
    3. To give speeches or engage in commercial technical advisory work, as prescribed in Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Act, as a well-known expert recognized by the central authorities in charge of the relevant industry or invited by a higher education institution, government agency at all levels and their affiliated academic research institu-tion. 
    4. To engage in non-profit artistic and cultural performances or sporting events at the invi-tation of government agencies at all levels, foreign missions or institutions in Taiwan.


    Ⅲ. The entry visa or the entry permit held by a foreigner who obtains an Academic and Business Travel Card issued by the immigration authority and is engaged in giving speeches or technical instructions specified under the Article 46.1.1 of the Employment Services Act, shall be deemed as a work permit and the period of stay allowed by the visa or permit shall be less than 90 days.

  • Q3: What information will be required to apply for a work permit for a foreigner hired to work in Taiwan?

    To hire a foreigner to work in Taiwan, the employer shall be responsible for applying for an employment permit. The foreigner shall provide proof of education and work experience (and evidence of special performance, innovative views, or professional training) to facilitate the employer's application for an employment permit. Proof of prior work experience shall be issued by the respective employer. Relevant information can be inquired from the EZ Work Taiwan website.(address: https://ezworktaiwan.wda.gov.tw/


  • Q4: What are the rules regarding proof of health for foreigners hired to work in Taiwan?

    Foreign teachers hired by after-school institutions should attach the health examination certification. The following documents shall submitted to the central competent authority: 1.Qualified health examination certificate of the said individual issued within the recent three months by a lawfully established hospital in his/her country and endorsed by a physician, together with its Chinese translation authenticated by an R.O.C embassy or representative office.
    2. Qualified health examination certificate of the said individual issued within the recent three months by a hospital designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. 
    The word "within 3 months" calculated from the issuance date of the certificate to the date it is submitted. 

    The health examination form could be downloaded from the website: The Ministry of Health and Welfare.




  • Q5: Do the documents vary, when foreign professional workers come from different countries?

    The documents do not differ according to country. According to the regulation  enacted on July 17th, 2019, documents should be verified by the local Overseas Office of the Republic of China from the following countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bengal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on. However, please note the following exceptions:

    1. A foreigner that has at least one year of experience serving in a multi-national company and is appointed by the multi-national company to work in a branch, subsidiary or parent company in the Republic of China. If their work experience certificate document is issued by the parent company or sub-company, the document does not require verification.

    2. The foreigner is employed in academic research work specified in Article 4, paragraph 1, subparagraph 11, of the "Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreigners undertaking the jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act". the academic qualifications and work experience documents do not require verification if his/her academic qualifications have been approved by the central competent authority.

    3. Foreign students, overseas Chinese students and ethnic Chinese students graduating from domestic public or private accredited colleges or universities who are applying by new scoring criteria to work in the Republic of China (Taiwan). The documents used to apply with the new scoring criteria do not require verification.

  • Q6: What should one do if name are different in diploma and passport?

    1.The foreign professional workers should attach official document with their name to prove they are the same person when they change their name. (If the female is married, she can attach the marriage certificate to be qualified with her husband's last name.)

    2.The Ministry of Labor has announced that for certain regions, documents should be verified by the  regional Overseas Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan). (The list of countries can be found on the website of the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, exceptions can be referred to Q5).



  • Q7: What are the copy of latest tax statement?

    1. Employment permit extension cases where employers apply to employ foreigners for specialized and technical work, where overseas Chinese or foreigners investing or establishing businesses with a second manager under the government’s approval and foreign professionals engaging in professional knowledge or skills for short-term supplementary learning centers shall submit the foreigner’s salary withholding certificate of the past year or the most recent year.

    2. Starting from October 1st, 2015, through the Ministry of Labor having interfaced data from the Ministry of Finance, the submission of the salary withholding certificate by the employer may be exempted; however, depending on the circumstances of individual cases, the MOL might ask the employer to submit the document. 




  • Q8: What are the required examination items for the “satisfactory health examination report” used by foreigners when they apply for permanent residency? Are there any designated hospitals?

    Items for the health check must be in accordance with the health check item list required by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW). For a list of the items and designated hospitals, please visit the DOH's Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, R.O.C. (Taiwan) Web site (www.cdc.gov.tw).