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TECO Electric & Machinery-PAO, MO-TA

  • date:2019-11-15
TECO Electric & Machinery-PAO, MO-TA

   Founded in 1956 for the purpose of motor production, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. has evolved into a major business group that spans heavy electric equipment, home appliances, information technology, communications, key electronic components and parts, infrastructural engineering, financial investment, dining, and services. The Company is now more actively participating in major national constructions, with its business scope covering over 100 cities in more than 40 countries on the five major continents.

   According to Manager Yu, Si-Shien of the Talent Development Section of TECO’s Human Resources Center, the employment of overseas talents may be directly accredited after training or be responsible for the overseas market in Taiwan. Branches have been established in some foreign countries, and employees may thus be alternatively transferred to work abroad. Business windows have been set up in Taiwan for other areas without offices.  Employees must accept professional training for at least six months to one year before expatriation to understand TECO’s business culture, operation guidelines, and products. Since most products of TECO are industrial products, target customers or distributors expect product specifications and quality. Therefore, employees must accept good professional training to gain a certain proficiency before earning customers’ trust and cooperative opportunities.     

   In addition to self-developed talents, TECO also actively seeks and recruits outstanding talents from outside, such as middle managers with rich experiences, to enhance the extensiveness and depth of its talent resources. For example, TECO found foreign student PAO, MO-TA from Burkina Faso, who graduated from the International Business Graduate School at Ming Chuan University via the Contact Taiwan platform. After several interviews, PAO, MO-TA has decided to transfer job from another company to TECO in order to pursue further career development.  TECO has explained that searching for overseas talents equipped with the skills required by TECO and working across countries through the Contact Taiwan platform can save TECO the costs of self-training and work transfers, as well as enhance its international development.   

   PAO, MO-TA said that the innovative business model of TECO is distinguished from those of other enterprises. The Company provides employee training for six months so that they understand the products and production flow of TECO. This is his main reason for joining TECO. PAO, MO-TA now serves at a comprehensive planning center, and his primary responsibility is to sell TECO products to all countries in Africa. 

     PAO, MO-TA said that he got in touch with the Contact Taiwan platform when he studied at Ming Chuan University and also found the job through the Contact Taiwan platform. Therefore, PAO, MO-TA suggests that overseas talents frequently use the Contact Taiwan platform. PAO, MO-TA had been aggressively attending campus career seminars, foreign and overseas Chinese student employment conferences, and other such talent recruitment activities organized by Contact Taiwan. By doing so, he was able to make contact with many businesses in Taiwan, which was really helpful with enhancing his vision and ability. Contact Taiwan has clearly become an important channel for overseas Chinese students and foreign talents for contacting businesses in Taiwan.