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Delta-Mr. Aaron Yang

  • date:2019-02-22
Delta Electronics, Inc.- Mr. Aaron Yang
    Delta is a corporate member from the Contact TAIWAN website. The company has always attached importance to R&D talent development. In 2016, in response to the demand of domestic Japanese talents, the Ministry of Economic Affairs organized the “Taiwan talent recruiting mission to Japan” for the first time, and went to Tokyo and Osaka to hold a one-on-one employment meeting. Due to the conflict between the event schedule and Delta’s important internal activities, Delta was unable to join the event and ask Taiwan External Trade Development Council to collect CVs from potential candidates for them.
    With great results, Delta Taiwan headquarter and the Japanese branch had sent people to participate in the"2017 Taiwan talent recruiting mission to Japan," which was held in Osaka and Tokyo from May 21st to 27th, 2017. 
    Delta's corporate culture attaches great importance to the value brought by talents. In recent years, it has been very active in the recruitment activities held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 2017, the HR representative of Delta, Zhan Su-Mei, said that the recruitment habits of Japanese society are different from Taiwan. The operation process is time-consuming and complicated. Therefore, it is not easy for Taiwanese enterprises to recruit Japanese talents. However, in 2016, they interviewed talents who expressed interests in joining Delta by dropping their CVs in the one-on-one employment meeting where 5 talents were successfully recruited that went beyond their expectations. With their participation in 2017, once again they successfully recruited 7 talents (6 Taiwanese and 1 Japanese) during the one-on-one employment meeting.
    Aaron Yang, a Taiwanese talent who joined Delta in 2017, stated when he went to the University of Tokyo for his Ph.D. in technology business strategy 4 years ago, he realized that the Japanese job market was very different from Taiwan. His guiding professor suggested him to finding a job if not planning on going further in academia. After a year of reviewing the career plan, Aaron took on a web management project position with a Japanese trading company and worked for 2 years.
    In 2017, Aaron learned that the Ministry of Economic Affairs held a one-on-one employment meeting in Tokyo; he went and interviewed with four companies. Among all, he was impressed the most by Delta’s overall sincerity. During the interview, Aaron experienced their emphasis on talents. Aaron received a second interview invitation from Delta after 2 weeks followed by their job offer within a month. Aaron believes such event is definitely a great opportunity getting to know Taiwanese companies and their corporate cultures directly, and to facilitate the matching from both ends.
    Aaron is currently in charge of online marketing planning and exhibitions with Delta. Delta participates about 10 exhibitions each year in Japan, hoping to promote the brand and expanding its market. HR representatives of Delta appreciated the activities and services provided by Contact TAIWAN and stated that they will continue to support relevant talent-recruiting activities in the future.