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Jane Chu, India

  • date:2018-01-31
Jane Chu, Dimerco Express, India

Raised in Eastern India’s Calcutta, Jane is a genuine Indian. Her grandfather was a Hakkanese from Mei County in Guangdong Province. Jane’s mother is a teacher of Chinese in a local Calcutta Chinese school, and this may explain why Jane can speak fluent Chinese. She also has some distant relatives who emigrated to Taiwan, but they do not have any close ties. Since Jane decided she wanted to better understand Taiwan and improve her Chinese, she decided to attend university in Taiwan.


After the admissions process, Jane was selected to study International Business at the National Taipei University of Business. While completing the degree program entirely in Chinese posed a significant challenge for her, it also served to provide her with the native fluency she enjoys in Chinese today. When we discussed Jane’s studies in Taiwan, she couldn’t help but smile as she recalled with delight how her instructors and peers had been very friendly and helpful. She also mentioned how her female boss at a hotpot restaurant had treated her as family, making her feel very much at home in Taiwan. Even though her distant family in Calcutta missed Jane tremendously, they understood and supported her desire to study and pursue a career in Taiwan.


On the eve of her university graduation, Jane took part in a Contact TAIWAN job fair matchmaking event, and received an offer for an internship from an international logistics firm in Taiwan, Dimerco Express Group. As she was about to start work, Jane learned that there was no guarantee that a full-time position would be available for transition upon completion of her year-long internship. However, her earnest performance and strong work ethic convinced her superiors and earned recognition from the company which forwarded her resume to their Indian subsidiary at the end of her time in Taiwan.


In the past few years, Dimerco has established offices along with local strategic partners in Mumbai, Chennai and elsewhere to secure the growing India market, and provide local services to their clients. Jane was naturally very happy to have the opportunity to return to her homeland while continuing to work for the overseas offices of a Taiwan corporation.


As the saying goes, time sure flies, and Jane has already worked for the Chennai office for about two years. When I asked Jane about her work there, she replied at length:


“I really enjoy my work environment, as the southern Tamil people are very friendly to an outside from northern India like myself. The logistics industry is a very broad profession, so I enjoy my present responsibilities for air transport logistics, and I hope to also add more expertise in the maritime shipping field…”