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Daniel Maia, Brazil

  • date:2018-01-31
I recommend Contact Taiwan, at it is a great platform for use with an English interface.

“I recommend Contact Taiwan, at it is a great platform for use with an English interface, and updating one’s CV is as easy as 1-2-3.”

Daniel Maia, Business Developer, HOPAX Chemicals



Daniel had flown over half the globe from his hometown of Belo Horizonte in Brazil to the Kaohsiung Industrial Zone, so I was naturally curious to learn about how this polite young man had come to realize his destiny with Asia.


Daniel remarked, “I decided to take a journey less travelled, as my hometown, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is quite far from Hopax Chemicals in Kaohsiung. Before my departure for Asia, my aim was to enrich my multicultural experience, sharpen my Mandarin language skills, and enhance my understanding of the Asian markets.”


Daniel explained that in Brazil, “I studied Communications and worked for some automobile companies, including the Public Relations department of Fiat”. Later, he was awarded a government scholarship for the Master’s Degree in International Relations in Jilin University, China. Right after finishing his graduate study, Daniel moved to Taiwan to dedicate a year to improving his Chinese language skills.


Upon return to his hometown, he paid special attention to the job vacancies not only in Brazil, but also in Taiwan and China. Though he had abundant experiences using job matching platforms, Daniel found “Contact TAIWAN” particularly useful. Indeed he stated, “I recommend Contact Taiwan, at it is a great platform for use with an English interface, and updating one’s CV is as easy as 1-2-3.”


“As Taiwan’s HOPAX Chemicals was also looking for some new hires to explore emerging markets, I had a Skype interview with a company representative and then I was offered a job as a business developer in the company in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.” This made me curious to learn further about Daniel’s completion of his Mandarin studies at the NCKU Language Center and beginning his career progress in Taiwan.


Daniel noted, “I was indeed thrilled to work with Hopax Chemicals in Taiwan. First, I was assigned a mentor to help me with logistics and facilitate business operations. I was assigned to develop potential customers in Latin America, Europe and parts of Asia. Second, I was even more surprised to extend my horizons by attending business fairs abroad and contacting foreign costumers on behalf of Hopax. Usually such international events are only assigned to senior staff in Brazilian companies. Finally, Hopax offers on-site training and lifelong-learning through invited lectures and Toastmasters for employees.” 


During his spare time, Daniel enjoys the pristine, verdant natural environs of southern Taiwan, and exploring from the mountains to the seas or camping with friends. I was surprised that he knew much more about Taiwan’s natural environment than a local as I did.


Daniel concluded our interview by noting, “I am suited for this position as a result of my linguistic skills (English, Portuguese and Spanish, Chinese) and I am sure this will prove beneficial for my career trajectory. Moreover, in Taiwan I like taking the opportunity to visit the beautiful natural settings – and camping, or riding a scooter in the countryside has become my favorite weekend past-time. I feel that the working environment of my company, the friendly people in the local communities and Taiwan’s lovely landscape, to name just a few key reasons, are very inviting for me to decide to stay here. I am glad Contact TAIWAN helped me get in contact with Taiwan”.