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Christy Liao, Taiwan

  • date:2018-01-31
A talent pool plan provided by Taishin Financial Holdings
2016, Christy Liao, Taiwan Christy Liao
Christy Liao

Nationality: Taiwanese

Company: Taishin International Bank

Position: Human Resource Division Manager

"A talent pool plan provided by Taishin Financial Holdings"

Taishin Financial Holdings has overseas branches in Hong Kong and Singapore, and overseas representatives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Yangon, Myanmar. In China, our market strategy is to focus on financial leasing. We have leasing companies in Nanjing and Tianjin, also six leasing branches and 14 representatives in other regions in China. In the future we plan to expand the business to Japan and Australia. It's highly likely that the branches in Tokyo and Brisbane will be set up and come into operation this year.

The government encourages all financial institutions to be regional and international developed, as a result the financial business is expected to become more open and the career development to be even wider. Therefore, in recent years Taishin Financial Holdings has been putting lots of effort on the global allocation. For personnel training, Taishin Financial Holdings has a talent pool plan which provides abundant strategic resources with a complete marketing mechanism and assessment feedback system to make you find your very own position in the company. We are looking forward to seeing you being part of our management team, it is a commitment we would like to give. We also welcome people with multi-language skill, it is a plus if you are a native speaker from our future global location.

If you are motivated and dare to dream, and also looking for a brilliant stage of your own. No matter if your specialty is finance, sales, technology or marketing, you can always find your stage in Taiwan.