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Tim Whitfield, UK

  • date:2018-01-31
Why Taiwan is chosen to be an engineering design center by ARM?
2016, Tim Whitfield, UK Tim Whitfield
Tim Whitfield
Tim Whitfield

Nationality: British

Company: ARM Ltd.

Position: Director of Engineer

"Why Taiwan is chosen to be an engineering design center by ARM?"

ARM decided to set up an engineering designing center here for two main reasons. The first is the Asia region has become more and more important for ARM. Both intend of the revenue streams, the customers here using our IP and also intend of the engineering staff who actually using our IP. We selected Taiwan because we have very close links with some of the local companies here and we understand the quality of the engineering the available in the region. We'd spent a lot of times looking the local talent and understanding exactly how we can utilize that talent, how we can retain that talent, and how the Taiwanese engineering community different from some of our other regional designing centers. We have many teams around the world designing ARM CPUs and we look a way we could additionally strengthen that capability and Taiwan was the obvious choice.

The Taiwanese engineering industry is far more motile than some of the other local Asia regions and we'd seem lots of high quality development come through Taiwan. The education system here is also very good so we're seeing very high quality graduates coming through and feeding the next generation of staff for ARM. We're very fortunate here and we're able to retain staff as well. This is important to a company like ARM because we invest for our long term future. We see the ARM Taiwan design center growing and growing over the next few years. And we need to build to train and develop post staff. Most importantly retain them so they can pay back some of the investment that we put into them and so we can read the benefit of the investment that we put into them.

Taiwan is enriched with high quality engineering staff from which able to build high quality technical products. We're able to retain and recruit staff easily in Taiwan.

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