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Santiago Ti, Spain

  • date:2018-01-31
Numerous opportunities offered in leading field of semiconductors
2016, Santiago Ti, Spain Santiago Ti
Santiago Ti
Santiago Ti

Nationality: Spainish

Company: Industrial Technology Research Institute

Position: Embedded Control System Assistant Engineer

"Numerous opportunities offered in leading field of semiconductors"

After finishing high school, I came to Asia to advance my Chinese studies and learn other language besides English and Spanish. Additionally, I was very interested in engineering technology. The National Sun Yat Sen University offered me an opportunity to study Electro-Mechanical Engineering in Taiwan. And at the same time, I had the opportunity to study Chinese at its language center. A few weeks before finishing my studies I got a call from ITRI which is a professional research center. ITRI research focused on Taiwanese industry in depth including the mechanical industry. So I decided to apply my studies to ITRI in this place.

The main reason I decided to come to Taiwan and stay here for work is because of the numerous opportunities offered by this country especially in their leading field of semiconductors.

I hope in the future after getting more experience and improving my technical capabilities, I will be able to go back to Europe to apply all the knowledge that I have obtained here. In these six years I stayed in Taiwan, Taiwan has offered me more opportunities than I expected. No matter technically and professionally speaking, I have the opportunity to work with many companies from different industries, such as plastics and semiconductors. And this opportunity is very valuable for my career enhancement and for my future.

Taiwan is a great place.