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Laura Soto, Colombia

  • date:2018-01-31
Precious work experience and Mandarin learning experience in Taiwan
2016, Laura Soto, Colombia Laura Soto
Laura Soto
Laura Soto

Nationality: Colombian

Company: MediaTek Inc.

Position: Information Security Policy Administrator

"Precious work experience and Mandarin learning experience in Taiwan"

Even though Asia seemed to be a total different place compared to South America, it seemed like a very interesting place to live. At the same time, I also wanted to learn Mandarin and I heard Taiwan is a great place to learn Mandarin with great people. Therefore, I chose to come to Taiwan.

Taiwan is the second safest country in world rank. For me, that is really important I will be able to live in a more relaxed way. Also in Taiwan, everything is efficient. Life is very comfortable in a place like this. Finally, I feel myself well-received by Taiwanese, this helps me to adapt in Taiwan more easily.

From the technological point of view, MediaTek seemed to be an interesting Company. Even though it is relatively young, it has already become one of the leading enterprise in IC industry. This is really impressive to me. MediaTek is also committed to corporate responsibility which is really important to meet my personal belief. As a foreigner in Taiwan, I want to work for an enterprise that has global vision or has interactions with other countries or even has offices in other places apart from Taiwan. So that I can be more devoted to the company and co-work with people from different countries. This is why I choose MediaTek in Taiwan.

I think I have learned a lot in Taiwan regarding to how to co-work and collaborate with people especially from Asian cultures and mostly people who speak Mandarin.

The working experience here makes me eager to keep collaborating with Asia. I am not sure if I will be in South America or anywhere else in the future. The only thing I'm sure now is I will always interact with Asian countries because of this precious experience.


Taiwan is great.