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Weiting Liu, Canada

  • date:2018-01-31
Taiwan, one of the best engineering hubs in the world
2016, Weiting Liu, Canada Weiting Liu
Weiting Liu
Weiting Liu

Nationality: Canadian

Company: Codementor

Position: Founder & CEO

"Taiwan, one of the best engineering hubs in the world"

Taiwan is world-renown for industries, such as semiconductors and manufacturing. However, over the years the internet industry in Taiwan has been progressing as well. That's one of the main reason why we decide to start an engineering office in Taiwan for Codementor.

Codementor is a live help marketplace for developers. We make it easy for developers to connect with experts via screen sharing, videos, and chat. We're online marketplace and we've been growing very fast since 2014.

The entire Codementor site was essentially built by engineers in Taiwan and in addition to Codementor, there are other great technology companies who are based in Taiwan, hiring developers in Taiwan. We are talking about world-class companies, such Google, HTC, and Yahoo.

So if you have world-class talents who are hungry for global opportunities, you should come to Taiwan.