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Monthly Wages and Salaries

  • date:2023-01-22
Monthly Wages and Salaries (by Industries)

In 2020, the average monthly earnings per employee in the industrial and services sectors stood at NT$54,363, an increase of 1.32% over the previous year (NT$53,657).

In the industrial sector, the average monthly earnings per employee was NT$53,136, which was 0.51% more than the previous year. And the average monthly earnings per employee was NT$53,940, with an increase of 0.3% in the manufacturing subsector. 

In the services sector, the average monthly earnings per employee was NT$54,004, an increase of 4.24% over the previous year. The highest average salary per person per month was NT$94,473 in the financial and insurance industries. This was followed by an average salary of NT$74,041 in the publication, video production, broadcasting, and information service industries. Finally, the medical health care industry ranked third with an average monthly salary of NT$68,709.


Industries 2019 2020 Annual Change(%)
Average Monthly Earnings of Employees by Industry (Unit: NT$)
 Apparel & Accessories  NT$36,763  NT$38,021 -3.42%
 Petroleum & Coal products NT$91,255 NT$89,127 -2.33%
 Chemical  NT$76,516  NT$76,485 -0.04%
 Pharmaceuticals & Medicinal Chemical Products  NT$51,519  NT$51,885 0.71%
 Electronic Parts & Components NT$71,846  NT$74,099 3.14%
 Computers, Electronic & Optical Products  NT$76,888  NT$73,310 -4.65%
 Electrical Equipment  NT$45,710  NT$46,669 2.10%
 Machinery & Equipment  NT$43,494   NT$42,264 -2.83%
 Motor Vehicles & Parts  NT$48,141  NT$46,784 -2.82%
 Wholesale & Retail Trade  NT$51,328  NT$52,281 1.86%
 Transportation & Storage  NT$55,588  NT$55,097 -0.88%
 Accommodation & Food Service  NT$34,686  NT$35,018  0.96%
 Information & Communications  NT$72,144  NT$74,041 2.63%
 Financial & Insurance NT$93,059  NT$94,473 1.52%
 Professional, Scientific & Technical Activities  NT$61,326  NT$62,311  1.61%
 Healthcare NT$68,517  NT$68,709 0.28%
 Education NT$26,972 NT$27,081 0.40%
 Arts, Entertainment & Recreation  NT$39,520  NT$40,629  2.81%