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Sebastien Husson, France

  • date:2018-01-31
2015, Sebastien Husson, France
Sebastien Husson
Sebastien Husson

Nationality: French

Company: Metal Industries Research and Development Centre

Position: Engineer of Energy and Agile System Department

The distance between Taiwan and France is about 9,900 km. What was the reason that pushed Sebastien (also known as Seb) to leave his hometown thousands of miles away to come to Taiwan to study and work? Seb smiled and said: "At first I just wanted to see and experience Chinese culture in Asia. Compared to other parts of China, Taiwan inherited a complete set of Chinese culture and properly preserved China's cultural relics, so he chose the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan to be an exchange student. Unexpectedly and suddenly, Seb was touched deeply at his first arrival to Taiwan. He even got lost in the middle of the night near Tainan Train Station, but easily found people that helped find his way.

As for his professional experience, Seb shared: "National Cheng Kung University is ranked between 201st to 300th worldwide. Nonetheless, the rankings in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and the Informatics departments are stunning. There are also internationally renowned manufactures such as TSMC, HTC, Asus, and Acer in Taiwan." These ideas were what helped motivate Seb to travel overseas to Taiwan.

The affinity that Seb has for Taiwan is very interesting. Seb came back Taiwan to get his master's degree after being an exchange student. Introduced by the Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Center, Seb worked in the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre after graduation. Now, Seb specializes in 3D printing, flexible manufacturing, and is partly responsible for the Taiwan-France Exchange Project. This year Seb participated in the ceremony for signing a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre and Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint Etienne (abbreviated ENISE) in France. In the future, in addition to the co-establishment of the Joint Lab for laminated-manufactured layers of metal powders and their manufacturing process, there will be other French students coming to Taiwan for projects related to medical optoelectronics and micro processing applications. Seb is also, of course, the coordinator of the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre for both Taiwan and France, dealing with bilateral issues, and assisting other French professionals in adjusting to life in Taiwan.

The work experience of the past few years in Taiwan is valuable to Seb. Seb not only gained knowledge and skills from senior engineers of the Metal Industries Research and Development Centre, but also received additional insight from in the international exchanges. Seb talked about the project that helps French students plan to coming to Taiwan. He deeply hopes to bring more experienced professionals in the fields of materials and data processing, promoting the bilateral exchange between France and Taiwan. Seb appears to be committed to his goals.  

As for how foreigners in Taiwan find work, Seb feels the Hirecruit website to be easy to use. For a foreigner, the platform interface is easy to use, and there are job opportunities. His experience is his biggest advantage. As other employment websites are shown in Chinese only, they do not many opportunities for jobs to foreigners. There is a large gap between supply and demand. Seb hopes to help more foreigners use the Hirecruit service so that foreign students have the opportunity to stay in Taiwan for work.