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  • date:2018-01-31
ITSC Office



Situated at the heart of Asia, Taiwan has been as a main role of national commerce and technology. Lots of multinational enterprises set up their offices here, and increased more Asia jobs,Taiwan jobs, Asia works, Asia careers, Asia employments, etc. To expand their global businesses. You can learn more information about Asia environment, Asia jobs, Asia works, Asia careers, Asia employments, etc. And have the opportunity to work in Taiwan.--Contact TAIWAN,jobs Taiwan,Taiwan jobs

  • Tel: +886-2-2311-2031 (One-stop Recruiting Service)
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday  9AM-12PM, 1:30PM-6PM (GMT+8)
  • E-mail: recruit@moea.gov.tw
  • Add: 8F, No. 1 Xiangyang Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Our Mission and Aim

The mandate of the InvesTaiwan Service Center (ITSC) is to work closely with existing and prospective investors, to help them resolve problems efficiently, and to improve their business experience in Taiwan.

As a "one-stop service center," ITSC provides customized services to investors and interface services with other branches of the government on behalf of its "clients."

In addition, because the Executive Yuan has launched "Contact Taiwan," which aims to strengthen talent recruitment in Taiwan, ITSC has been appointed to offer international recruitment services from August 7, 2015. Through this program, ITSC provides clients with "one-stop services" through a network of overseas missions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an online interactive job-matchmaking platform, "Contact Taiwan," to assist enterprises with the recruitment of talented professionals from abroad.

Recruitment Model:

Recruitment Model

Comprehensive Services

  1. Free professional matchmaking & website registration.
  2. Provision of foreign professionals with variety of services in Taiwan (environment, arrival, residence, visa, work permit, labor insurance & national health insurance, education for children, jobs )
  3. Personnel recruitment evaluation & solutions.
  4. Professional recruitment-related government regulations