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Micron Memory Taiwan- Yuwen Huang

  • date:2019-02-22
Micron Memory Taiwan- Yuwen Huang

        Micron Taiwan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer memory and is also one of the first American companies to set up factories in Taiwan. In recent years, Micron has continued to expand its production line, as well as develop new departments. As a result, the company finds itself with an increasing demand for additional personnel in various departments, such as quality control, research and development, and production and thus has actively expanded its recruitment of overseas talents.

        Lin Chi-chang, manager of the Human Resources Department, said that Micron embraces all kinds of talents with an open attitude. Since 2017, Micron has begun employing a significant proportion of recent graduates, as well as overseas students. Since Micron is a B2B industry, its corporate brand reputation is not as recognizable as that of Facebook, Amazon, and others; therefore, it must attract outstanding overseas talents through more diversified channels. As such, starting in 2017, Micron has aggressively participated in campus career talks, one-on-one employment-matching meetings, and domestic and international overseas talent-recruitment missions held by Contact Taiwan. In fact, Contact TAIWAN has already become one of the most important channels for Micron to get in touch with outstanding talents overseas. Although Micron Taiwan did not dispatch personnel to participate in the US talent-recruitment mission this year, it has still received many applicants’ resumes from talents through the oversea talent-recruitment collection service of Taiwan’s External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). After much screening and discussion, Micron has successfully recruited Yuwen Huang to Taiwan for service.

        Yuwen Huang (hereinafter referred to as engineer Huang) has just joined Micron Taiwan this year. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley after going to the United States on her own for studies in high school. Later, she was admitted to the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Berkeley. During her time in college, she interned at a business start-up in Silicon Valley and learned about Micron. Furthermore, she served as a cadre to the Taiwanese Student Union, which is why she had the opportunity to participate in the employment-recruitment meeting held by the American talent-recruitment mission of Contact TAIWAN this year (2018) and help with related preparation works for the event. This event taught her about the Taiwanese companies that participate in the mission. Afterward, she made use of TAITRA’s resume collection service and was fortunate enough to be accepted by Micron Taiwan for employment. She is currently working as a process engineer at Micron.

        Engineer Huang indicated that Micron provides an excellent training course for new recruits as all new recruits are gathered for inter-departmental training, which is conducive to establishing interpersonal networks within the corporation, as well as learning about Micron culture, internal operating systems, and the business of work routes, thus helping them to adapt to work and do their best as soon as possible. Furthermore, Micron is an American company, so its corporate culture is open to and accepting of diversity. Furthermore, is the company does not have much of a class difference due to its American-style management, so supervisors and colleagues get along very well. Overall, communication about work is mostly conducted in English, so engineer Huang did not suffer from much culture or language shock after returning to Taiwan for work.

        Engineer Huang furthered stated that Micron is a fast-paced company, which is why one’s workload is quite enormous, but the progress in the field of duties and professions is also very quick. She believes that learning about time management and business arrangements has been her biggest gain since joining Micron. In fact, she considers continuous learning for a project and thinking how to effectively furnish work objectives every day to be the most challenging for her, but also brings about a great sense of achievement. Furthermore, department heads are kind and willing to assist their staffers and provide timely supervision and advice when they encounter difficulties in their work, which is most helpful to learning.

        In addition to work, Micron attaches great importance to its employees’ health and social participation. Therefore, Micron provides excellent employee care benefits and has its own gym that offers in-house aerobics classes, sports incentives, and others. It also provides irregular health talks to improve the health management of its employees. As for social participation, Micron provides a paid volunteer-day, allowing its employees to care for vulnerable groups without affecting their work, thus increasing social participation and enabling them to achieve a balance between their work and life.

        Engineer Huang noted that participating in a variety of activities helps reduce the tension from work and facilitates her to think about how to get a job done more effectively. Regarding expectations of her future career, engineer Huang expressed that she would like to practice what she has learned and continue learning in her professional field so that she can assume more responsibilities in the future. Looking ahead, she anticipates having the opportunity to be admitted to management work and expects more openings to gain experience and personal strengths.