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Genmore Zipper-Tran Thi Tuoi

  • date:2019-11-15
Genmore Zipper-Tran Thi Tuoi

Genmore Zipper Company Limited is a professional zipper manufacturer in Taiwan. Since 1988, it has integrated development, production, and sales, and now, after more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, it is considered one of the manufacturers with the most complete products in the trade. Its zippers are used in high-end clothing, suitcases, tents, and other supplies, and the company offers various zippers with waterproof, explosion-proof, and other useful functions.

Based on its advanced zipper knowledge and technology, Genmore manufactures innovative products and markets them worldwide, creating reliable brand positioning. With dozens of patents at home and abroad, Genmore has been authorized to produce high- and medium-end clothing brands in the United States, with its sales territory covering the whole world, including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and mainland China.

In the past, Genmore has also successfully matched talents from Russia and Vietnam through Contact TAIWAN events. The group affirmed the specific effectiveness of the "One on One Employment Meeting" sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and showed that enterprises are more re-assured about participating in government activities. Such events also save time and energy for companies seeking talents, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2019, Genmore participated in the “One on One Employment Meeting” in the Taipei session. Twelve talents were interviewed at the session, and Genmore was very satisfied with two of the resumes. After a follow-up interview by the company, Genmore ultimately hired a Vietnamese national graduate, Tran Thi Tuoi. Currently, Tran Thi Tuoi has been sent to work at the Vietnam branch, where she is responsible for the business marketing of the Vietnamese market.

Tran Thi Tuoi said that she believes that, in addition to the English language, Chinese is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, when she came to Taiwan to get her master’s degree in business, in addition to obtaining fluent language skills, she also participated in many community activities in order to expand her vision. Before graduating, she attended various talent recruitment events to look for work. For the first time, she involved herself in a one-to-one matchmaking employment session held by Contact TAIWAN and even used the Contact TAIWAN APP to apply for a job. Right after graduation, she found a job and was assigned to her post at home.

Tran Thi Tuoi said that the Contact TAIWAN APP interface is very user-friendly, and users can use mobile phone to register the company in which they are interested for interviews, check the job requirements released by the interview company, and see their interview time list. Checking in to matchmaking employment sessions is very convenient, as the user just needs to report to the spot and open the QR CODE of the mobile phone for entry into the site. Each year, Contact TAIWAN works with the graduation season of Taiwan to hold related matchmaking employment sessions, which is the best platform for overseas Chinese and foreign students to find jobs. She also suggested overseas Chinese and foreign students pay more attention to the event information of Contact TAIWAN, prepare for entry into the workplace, and find suitable jobs through Contact TAIWAN.