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Leroy Liu, Taiwan

  • date:2018-01-31
The advantages of setting up a IC headquarter in Taiwan
2016, Leroy Liu, Taiwan Leroy Liu
Leroy Liu

Nationality: Taiwanese

Company: Dialog Semiconductor

Position: Executive Vice President

"The advantages of setting up a IC headquarter in Taiwan"

Dialog is a company listed in Frankfurt and we're 100% focusing on the analog and mixed-signal device for the power management IC related on the mobile device. Our customers actually are worldwide from the US top one customer to Korea top one customer and with the China market customers, with the global mobile top 10 device makers, and including the later-coming with the IoT applications that we're dominating with the TEMIC power management IC domain. The fabless IC design house with more than 26 countries worldwide that we have the IC design teams in the greatest, so we could call it very international lines company globally.

We believe that the advantage of setting up either the Asia headquarter in Taiwan or with the R&D team in Taiwan. For these stage is a pretty important for us because of the differentiation of the Taiwanese main power is focusing on application engineers and with the full abundant logistic supply chains that you could have the different domain of the high collaborative people. So that the efficiency of the integration for the whole R&D team it would be one of the strength for our belief in the footprint of going beyond the next generation of semiconductor industry. That's one of our important decision to go further. Of course that it won't be the last one of our R&D team. And we expect that the in Asia we're looking forward to another product of strength of different regions to set up with the different talents. For these ecosystems that we believe, it would be a good grouping for the company focusing on the Asia directions.