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Robert Herzner, Germany

  • date:2018-01-31
Why I enjoy living in Taiwan?
2016, Robert Herzner, Germany
Robert Herzner
Robert Herzner

Nationality: German

Company: DEinternational Taiwan Ltd. Service unit of the German Trade Office

Position: Vice General Manager

"Why I enjoy living in Taiwan?"

First of all, the people here are very kind and open-minded to the foreigners. Except me also other foreigners that I know living here, appreciate it and integrate them good. It is harmonious to live together. Another factor is safety. Taipei Taiwan is very, very safe. Criminality is almost not existing. You can go to the parks in the night and you won't be harassed. I have never experienced this previously.

Public toilets are available everywhere for free or the public transportation is very good developed, there is never any problems or delays. Not to mention the convenience of big city with nature combination. In Taipei doesn't matter which location you are, you can arrive in 20 minutes to a nature landscape. In the forest there are so many hiking trails nearby, that is outstanding and very seldom.

Taiwan has a very good healthcare system and the living expenses are good, that you can see also from the purchasing power parity. It has a very good combination of culture and sport activities possibilities.

These are excellent reasons to live in Taiwan, to work in Taiwan. Join us! In Taiwan you can live well.