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Rules and Regulations for Registration

  • date:2023-08-28
Membership Terms and Conditions

Talent Membership Terms and Conditions

Contact TAIWAN

Terms and Conditions for Registration

Welcome to the Contact Taiwan website (“the Website”), which is operated by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (“TAITRA”) on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (“MOEA”). The aim is to recruit global talent for Taiwanese businesses. Please carefully read through the following for information on how to use the site, as well as your rights and obligations.

  1. Under the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”), the Department of Investment Promotion (“DOIP”) of the MOEA is required to disclose the following information on the website:
  • Name of Governmental Agency: Department of Investment Promotion, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Purpose for Collection: Establish a matchmaking platform for job-seekers and corporate members. Analyze, integrate, and process personal data to facilitate matchmaking.
  • Other Purposes: The DOIS will comply with any judicial or police requests for personal information on specific job-seekers.
  • The DOIS also reserves the right to use your personal information for the following situations:
  1. When required by law;
  2. In the interest of national security or for the public good;
  3. To prevent harm to your life, body, freedom or property;
  4. To prevent harm to the life, body, freedom or property of others;
  5. For statistics or academic research by a governmental agency or academic research institution, provided that the information is processed or disclosed in a way that prevents specific identification. Any results will be presented in a way that only includes overall data and descriptive text. In addition to using the information for internal research, the DOIS may publicly disclose such data and descriptions, when necessary, provided that such does not involve the disclosure of personal information of a specific party;
  6. When in your best interests or with your consent.
  • Categories of Personal Data to be Collected: Name, gender, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, education, current working location and country, nationality, working experience, years of experience, desired industry, desired working location, resume, and other relevant information.
  • Time Period: For the entire duration that the Website is in operation and providing services.
  • Recipients: Corporate members seeking to hire, departments of the MOEA (including overseas offices) hosting events, the DOIS, judicial authorities that have submitted a formal request for information disclosure through the proper channels and in the interest of public safety.
  • Territory: Worldwide.
  • Methods: Telephone, internet, e-mail, paper documents, and fax.
  • Servers of the Website will automatically preserve records of user internet behavior, including webpages visited, IP addresses, and usage times, which will help us improve the Website and server systems. This information will also help us assess the number of Website visits and the click-through rate.
  • DOIS will use your registered e-mail address and phone numbers for the purposes of identification and delivering notifications of future Contact TAIWAN campaigns. Unless you voluntarily unsubscribe or indicate that you do not wish to receive any such notifications, the Website will regularly or periodically send such information or news to your e-mail.
  • Rights Conferred Under the PDPA: Members may browse, download copies, change or update their resumes on the Website’s membership platform. Members may also request that the Website cease all collection, processing, use, or deletion of all or parts of their resume by leaving us a message in the Contact Us page on the Website (under “issues with the Website (account, password, or personal information)”), or by contacting:

Tel: +886-2-2311-2031

Business Hours (Local Taiwan Time): Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm

GMT: +8 hours

E-mail: recruit@moea.gov.tw

Address: 8F., No. 1, Xiangyang Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • The choice to not provide personal information will impact the member’s rights: The Website is dedicated to providing employment matchmaking services. Therefore, refusal to provide personal information will affect the Website’s ability to provide said services, as well as the member’s opportunities to participate in employment matchmakings.
  • The Website reserves the right to delete any personal information, if necessary, in the event of any upgrades, resets, termination of service, or maintenance operations for the Website.
  1. The Website provides employment matchmaking services for free, with the aim of assisting foreign professionals seeking to work in Taiwan. Job-seekers should provide all possible information to the best of their knowledge in order to register as a member of the Website. Therefore, all applications are subjected to a processing period of 1-3 days, during which the information is verified before the application can be approved. Members will receive the results of their application via email. Only after the application has been approved can members access the Website’s services. Any incomplete applications will result in temporary suspension of resume postings.
  2. Once the membership has been approved, resume and recruitment information registered on the Website will become available to other members, and the Website will automatically relay relevant resumes to corporate members according to the inputted criteria. Corporate members may also browse through job-seekers’ resumes for future interviews. Regardless of the scenario, corporate members will very likely contact you via the contact info you listed on the resume.
  3. All members should register with their real names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, education level, work experiences, etc. Attempts to register a membership account under another person’s name or falsification of the aforementioned information is considered fraud and the Website reserves the right to take down any such resume profiles.
  4. Members have the option to update any personal resume information on the Website. Please log into the Website with your account and password and then update your information accordingly. You are required to input your account number and password before making any updates to your resume profile. If you forget your password, you may access the forget password page to obtain your password login. Of course, you may also change your original password.
  5. Job-seekers may only register one resume, and the Website will automatically delete repeat registrations or resumes. With the exception of users blacklisted by the website, members may update their resumes accordingly at any time after registration is complete.
  6. Please do not give out any personal information registered on the Website to other people. Personal data including passwords should be kept to yourself. Be sure to log out of your account once you have finished. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information. Once the job-seeker has successfully found employment, they are required to take down their resumes and notify Contact TAIWAN either by telephone, fax, or e-mail.
  7. Disclaimers:
  • The job seeker understands that posting resumes on the website does not imply that Contact TAIWAN is under any obligation or bears any responsibility in the event that a job seeker is unable to find a suitable job, or in the event of a dispute arising between recruiters and job seekers. No claims or requests will be entertained, and job seeker may not disseminate information that could be harmful to the reputation of the website.
  • The job seeker understands that content of the service provided by this website may include linkage to a third-party website or provide platform applications developed by a third-party program developer. The job seeker himself/herself shall conduct self-assessment on whether or not to use such bundled services and shall voluntarily bear any relevant risks.
  • The job-seeker understands that all content and information posted on the Website must be original works or publicly disclosed with the permission of copyright owner. In the event of a copyright dispute, the member must immediately delete all infringing content or information and contact the copyright owner voluntarily to settle the dispute. The member must also ensure that no harm or losses will be incurred for the Website, the TAITRA, and the DOIS of the MOEA as a result of any of the aforementioned actions.
  • The job-seeker understands that, for all messages or information provided by or obtained from the Website (the “Website Contents”), the Website makes no statement or judgment regarding the correctness, timeliness, applicability, or reliability of the Website Contents. All Website Contents are provided on an "as-is” basis, and the Website hereby explicitly declares that it does not make any expressed or implied guarantees (warranties) for such Website Contents. This website has the right to, from time to time, modify or delete the information or suggestions provided for this service.
  • All members registering on the Website agree not to file any civil claims for indemnification against the Website, TAITRA, and DOIS of the MOEA in relation to any of the aforementioned circumstances, nor shall they arbitrarily or publicly spread any comments or texts that may damage the reputation of the Website, TAITRA, and DOIS.
  1. Contact TAIWAN has the right to modify the above-mentioned rights and obligations, and such changes will be announced on this website and sent to your e-mail.

If, after reading through the rights and obligations listed above, you agree to accept, click on ‘I agree.’ Doing so implies your acceptance of all rights and obligations. You will then be able to make use of the services provided by the Contact TAIWAN website. If you do not agree to accept the rights and obligations, you may leave this web page now. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you in the future.