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  • date:2021-09-14
Dimerco-Chanita Rordkaew(Sine)

Chanita Rordkaew, known by her friends as Sine, came to Taiwan to pursue her master’s degree in International Business Administration at NCKU in September 2018. After graduating from the university last year (2020), she attended the “One-on-One Employment Meeting in Tainan” and had the chance to interview with Dimerco Express Group. Now she is working at its Bangkok office.


Sine knew about Contact TAIWAN’s recruitment through a friend who posted the event information on a Facebook group called “TSAT: Thai Student Association in Taiwan”. The venue was in the Tainan Zenda Suite, NCKU where Sine was studying.


When we asked Sine how she got the job at Dimerco Express Group, she referred to the One-on-One Employment Meeting in Tainan on November 13, 2020. She explained that she was given one-on-one interviews with 5 to 6 companies that day. Among them, she was most interested in Dimerco Express Group because she had work experiences in the international trading industry before. This allows her to continue her career path with the company.


Sine said that Dimerco Express Group, founded in 1971, was one of the best freight forwarding companies based in Taiwan, with more than 160 service locations including 17 countries in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. The company has an outstanding management team providing complete training courses. Sine worked as a Trainee in the Taipei Office before being transferred to and working as a sales executive at the Bangkok Office. During the 3-month internship, the colleagues helped her a lot by explaining her the content of the training which not only bridge the knowledge gap Sine had about logistics industry but also gave her the chance to improve her Chinese language skills.   


International students are usually familiar with their native languages as well as local business practices and cultures. Moreover, they have broadened their horizon by receiving international education Therefore, they act as an important bridge for businesses to explore international markets. Contact TAIWAN provides opportunities for direct exchange between Taiwanese businesses and overseas Chinese students, online matchmaking services, and talent recruitment platforms in cooperation with domestic colleges and universities. The annual “One-on-One Employment Meeting” has become the best free platform for matchmaking domestic businesses and international talents. It is expected to help more remarkable overseas students, like Sine, who come to Taiwan in the future, searching for a career that fits their interests.