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Rules and Regulations for Registration

  • date:2023-04-25
Rules and Regulations for Registration

Contact TAIWAN Membership Rights and Obligations

Dear Job-seeker,
Welcome to the Contact TAIWAN talent recruitment website (hereinafter referred to as the "Contact TAIWAN website"). The Contact Taiwan website is run by and on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), with the aim of recruiting professionals to work for Taiwanese enterprises.
Please read through the following information carefully. It will help your company to use the site more effectively. It also explains your rights and obligations with respect to the Contact TAIWAN website.
  1. Undertaken by the Department of Investment Service, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and hereby informs you of the following items in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPL”):
    • Name of government agency: Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    • Purpose of collection: Establishment of a matchmaking platform for job-seekers and enterprise Members、 to promote and increase matchmaking opportunities for job seekers and enterprise members through analysis, integration, and data processing of personal information.
    • Personal information categories: Name, date of birth, e-mail address, currently working location and country, nationality, working experience, contact Information, length of working experience, and/or other kinds of personal information necessitated by the purposes of collection.
    • Time Period: Your personal information will be keptindefinite for the purpose of collection of this website, however, this website has the right to delete your information under circumstances such as website upgrade、maintenance, and re-constrcuction.
    • Target: Hiring enterprises, Ministry of Economic Affairs units in charge (including overseas offices), and program executors (including the Contact TAIWAN webmaster) 、requirements made by any Law Departments under legal procedures.
    • Area: Regions where hiring enterprises and their overseas units or branches locate.
    • Methods of personal information utilization: Telephone, internet, e-mail, paper document and fax.
    • Rights under the PPIP; way to exercise: With regard to your own personal information, subject to the applicable laws, you are entitled to (i) make inquiries or request for a review, and request for duplications; (ii) request for supplements or corrections; and (iii) request for discontinuation of collection, processing or use of your own personal information, and request for deleting the same, but the requests may not be followed in accordance with the laws in case that is necessary for agencies to perform its duties or conduct its business; and (iv) if there is any marketing activity being involved in the usage of your personal information, you may indicate refusal to such usage by the following contact info. You may contact us during office hours, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday by calling 0800-888-070 or by visiting “Contact Us” to exercise all the said foregoing rights. At the “Contact Us” page, please select “Contact Taiwan Website FAQ” at the Question Type column, and leave your message at the Contents column. We will proceed with your request as soon as possible.
    • It is not compulsory for members to provide personal information, however, the denial of providing such information will decrease your opportunities to enjoy a fully provided matchmaking services performed by the platform.
  2. All of the services provided by the Contact Taiwan website are free of charge. We offer global talents and overseas students a ONE-STOP employment matchmaking service for working and living in Taiwan. Therefore, please fill out the form correctly to ensure your rights. After sending your details to Contact Taiwan, we will review your qualifications. Job seeker who has successfully completed the application process will receive membership approval within one to three working days by email. Upon approval, you will be able to enjoy various services that are available to job seeking members.
  3. When job seekers’ membership are approved, their uploaded resumes or filled in information on the website will be transferred automatically to the recruiters in accordance with different job requirements; recruiters could also set job requirements to search for candidates.
  4. Job seekers should fill in your real name, phone, email address, home address, education, work experience, etc. Contact Taiwan reserves the right to reject information containing false statements, incompletion, exaggeration and slander or obscene languages.
  5. Job seekers may only register one set of resume information; this website system will automatically delete resume information that is registered repeatedly. After completing registration, except for the users who are listed by this website as dishonored, a job hunter is entitled to use the resume maintenance function of this website and voluntarily revise the posted resume’s contents.
  6. Please do not give any of your personal information regarding your registration of this website to other people. Job seeker is responsible for ensuring that your account number and password are not used by any third party. Job seeker is also required to close your resume status and notify Contact Taiwan either by telephone, fax, or e-mail when you have successfully found a job.
  7. Disclaimers:
    • Job seeker understands that posting resumes on Contact Taiwan website does not imply that Contact Taiwan is under any obligation or bears any responsibility in the event that a job seeker is unable to find a suitable job, or in the event of a dispute arising between recruiter and job seeker. No claims or requests will be entertained, and job seeker may not disseminate information that could be harmful to the reputation of the Contact Taiwan website.
    • The job hunter understands that the service contents provided by this website may include linkage to a third-party website or provide platform applications developed by a third-party program developer. The job hunter himself/herself shall conduct self-assessment on whether or not to use such bundled services and shall voluntarily bear the relevant risks.
    • The job hunter understands that, for the contents or information he/she made public on this website that are not created independently or if such contents or information may be used in public by anyone, or are duplication of works to which a third party enjoys copyright, the job hunter shall be duly aware of the provisions regarding reasonable use as prescribed under the Copyright Act. In case of a dispute, in addition to immediately deleting the contents or information suspected of infringing others' copyright, the job hunter himself/herself shall take the initiative to settle with such third party through consultation and shall indemnify and hold this website, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, and the Department of Investment Services of the Ministry of Economic Affairs harmless and from any loss of injuries incurred therefrom; this website shall not be held liable for any compensation whatsoever.
    • The job hunter understands that, for all messages or information provided by or obtained from this website (the “Website Contents”), this website makes no statement or judgment regarding the correctness, timeliness, applicability, or reliability of the Website Contents. All Website Contents are provided on "as-is” basis, and this website hereby explicitly declares not to make any express or implied guarantee (warranty) for such Website Contents. This website has the right to, from time to time, modify or delete the information or advice provided for this service.
    • The job hunter agrees not to make any civil claims for compensation of damages against this website, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, or the Department of Investment Services of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in relation to any of the aforementioned circumstances, nor shall he/she arbitrarily or publicly spread any comments or texts that may damage the reputation of this website, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, or the Department of Investment Services of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  8. Contact Taiwan shall have the right to modify the rights and obligations listed in this document at any time. The announcement of such modifications will be made on the Contact Taiwan website. Contact Taiwan will not issue separate notifications to individual members.
  9. If, after reading through the rights and obligations listed above, you agree to accept the rights and obligations, then please check on "I agree". Clicking on this button implies your acceptance of the rights and obligations. You will then be able to make use of the services provided by the Contact Taiwan website.

If you do not agree to accept the rights and obligations, then you can now leave this web page. We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you in the future.