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Why Taiwan

About Taiwan

  • date:2024-04-22
About Taiwan

Taiwan at a Glance

  1. Location: Located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region
  2. Capital: Taipei City
  3. Area: 36,000 km2
  4. Population: About 23.3 million
  5. Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, aboriginal languages
  6. Religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism, Islam
  7. Currency: New Taiwan Dollar(NT$ or NTD)
  8. Time Zone: GMT+8, No Daylight Saving Time
  9. International Dialing Code: +886
  10. Electricity: AC 110V/220V, 60Hz



Since Taiwan is situated in a coastal area of Eastern Asia, both the continental and ocean climates may affect our weather. Continental high pressure systems send cold fronts - mainly the northeast monsoon - in from Siberia in winter, while tropical high pressure systems over the Pacific Ocean in summer bring an oceanic climate - mainly the southwest monsoon. Such a distinct climate plus the terraced topography of the Central Mountain Range results in different climates within each season, as well as different weather in the northern and southern areas. Terraced topography and local geological conditions mean that the weather in Taiwan is constantly changing.

May to September is summer in Taiwan, and the average temperature reaches 28 degrees in July. The summer is longer, while winter is relatively short. The average rainfall is 2,515 mm per year, but rainfall varies according to seasons, location, and latitude. There is rainfall all year in the northern and eastern areas. The northeast city of Keelung is called the “Rainy Port”. The rainy season of central and southern Taiwan is mainly in summer. Therefore, the dry and wet seasons are different in the southern area.

Weather forecasts and real-time information on weather conditions can be accessed on the website of the Taiwan Central Weather Bureau.


Best Destination for Expatriates Ratings

Taiwan is situated in a subtropical zone and is a pleasant country to live in due to its stable weather conditions during all four seasons. InterNations, a website for Germany’s expat community, ranked Taiwan in 2022 as the best destination in the world for expatriates because of its convenience, affordability, complete national health insurance system, and good public security.

Global Finance released the “World's Best Cities to Live in 2022”, which ranks cities based on eight factors, including: economic strength; research and development; cultural interaction; livability; environment; and accessibility. Taipei City ranks No. 26 among 48 global cities.


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