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  • date:2023-06-30
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the website Contact TAIWAN (the “Website”). To ensure the safety while you use every kind of services and information on the Website, we would like to explain our privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to you. Please read the following content to protect your rights and interests.

I. Scope of Application

  1. The Privacy Policy is applied to the process when you browsing or using every kind of services and information on the Website involving principles and practices of the collection, processing, use and protection of your personal information.
  2. The Privacy Policy is not applied to websites other than the Website and is not applied to the persons who are not delegated by us or involved in the management of the Website.

II. Information Type, Utilization Purpose and Utilization Method

  1.  Information Type

(1) When you use the “International Recruitment Matching Service Platform” on the Website, according to the disclosed principle of the Privacy Policy, we may collect, process and use your personal information including set account and password, registration information (including your personal information, resume and other information, collectively the “Recruiting Information”), cookies and the using condition of the Website (including browsed webpages, IP address and entrance time) and other information.

(2) Cookies are the short information to identify the user to be recorded in users’ hard drive for information system. You could familiarize yourself with the setting of acceptance or rejection of the cookies in your browser operation instruction. If you choice the rejection, you may not allowed to use part of the services on the Website. The cookies recorded by us are not leading to the identification of a specific person and we may not read your activity record on other websites.

  1. Utilization Purpose and Utilization Method

(1) To enact an international platform to provide talent recruiters and job seekers with good matching services mechanism, when you fill in the personal information to register as the member of the Website and finish the resume, after the saving and recognition, the system of the Website will automatically send your Recruiting Information via E-mails to all appointed recruiters corresponding to the condition you set for the use of matching. And the recruiters may also browse the search pages (which are not public and provided to the recruiter members who need both the exclusive user account and password to log in) and set conditions. If the conditions they set are correspondent to your conditions, they may inquire your Recruiting Information for the use of interview. No matter in what circumstance above, talent recruiters may contact you directly via the E-mail you provide.

(2) Servers of the Website automatically make records of the web pages users browse and the IP addresses through which users access the internet. Such records are references for the improvement of our Website content and server systems, and the evaluation of publicity effectiveness. No personal identity is involved and these records will only be used in statistical analysis.

(3) The Website may use the E-mail you provide when registration as the members for the use of member identification and the delivery of information. Unless you have taken the initiative to cancel subscription or declared your intention not to receive e-mail, this website will periodically or sporadically send information regarding relevant activities and updates to your e-mail address.

(4) Outside Provision of Utilization
In the event that judicial or police enforcement authorities require the access to specific member’s information, we may coordinate to provide related personal information in order to comply with relevant legal requirements. In the following circumstances, we may use your personal information for the aforesaid outside provision of utilization:

A. it is in accordance with laws and regulations;

B. it is necessary to maintain the nation security or improve the public interest;

C. it is to prevent harms on your life, body, freedom or property;

D. it is to prevent harms on others life, body, freedom or property;

E. it is necessary for public interests on statistics or the purpose of academic research conducted by a government agency or an academic research institution, respectively. The information may not lead to the identification of a specific person after its processing by the provider, or from the disclosure by the collector. The presentation of statistics and analysis results will only include the overall data and illustration. Except for internal use in research, , this website may disclose such data and illustration to the public where necessary, provided that such does not involve the disclosure of personal information of a specific party;

F. such use may benefit you and your consent is given.

III. Management and Maintenance
  1. If you need to add, amend or delete your Requiting Information provided with the Website at a later time, we provide an editing function under the Contact Taiwan Member Services area. Simply follow the instructions on the website to manage or maintain your Requiting Information. Prior to any addition, amendment or deletion, you must fill in your correct Contact Taiwan member account name and password to enter the Member Services area. If you forget your password, you may enter your personal password reminder on the "Forgot Your Password" page. You may also change your passwords at any time.
  2. The first time when you register with the Recruiting Information, we may check if the filled-in contents are complete. If the Recruiting Information is incomplete, we reserve the right to block your Recruiting Information temporarily. Additionally, the service assistants of the Website may provide the personnel service to input or update information provided by you according to your requirements.

IV. Utilization Period

We may persistently use your personal information for the aforesaid purpose in addition to the announcement on the Website or the close or termination of the Website’s service. If you don’t want us to use your personal information at a later time, you reserve the rights to require us to cease the collection, processing, use or deletion of such information. The Website reserves the rights to delete such information upon the circumstance of any update, reset, service termination or other needed maintenance for the operation on the system of the Website.

V. Utilization District

The utilization district is including the territory of ROC and the talent recruiter and/or its location (etc. its overseas location).

VI. Safeguard Procedures
  1. All personal information entered on the Website will be held in strict confidence by us. We have already set up the firewall to prevent the unlawfully invading to the data base system of the Website to alter, copy or damage information and we have specially-assigned person to manage and maintain the data base.
  2. To maintain your privacy and the safety of the Recruiting Information, we may make our best efforts to filter the talent recruiter members. Please register your Recruiting Information comfortably. The Recruiting Information is only for the inquiry of talent recruiters and not public.
VII. Your Rights and Self-Protection
  1.  For the Recruiting Information and other personal related information you provide with the Website, you reserve the rights to inquire, read, remake, require amendment or revision or cease the collection, process and utilization and deletion.
  2. We may strictly comply with the privacy protection relevant laws in ROC and manage and protect your Recruiting Information with the careful attitude and specific deed. For any unlawful and improper conducts to use or disclose your Recruiting Information, we may take the legal acts to ensure your personal privacy safety.
  3. Please keep your account password and Recruiting Information properly. You should not provide any information, especially the account password to any person and remember to log out your account after you finish every operation. If you share the computer with others or use the public computer, you should remember to turn off the browser windows to prevent others learning about your account password or Recruiting Information.

VIII. Privacy Policy’s Amendments and Publication

The Website reserves the right to add, delete or amend this Privacy Policy. Once the Privacy Policy has been added, deleted or amended, it may be announced on the Website instead of delivering the separate notice to you. Should you have any question, welcome to leave the message at the “Contact Us” area.

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