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    According to Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreigners undertaking the jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act, an employer of Domestic company (Foreign branch company) who is to hire a foreigner shall meet one of the following requirements:
    Remark 1: General Member

    (1) Established for less than one year: its paid-up capital has reached NT$ 5,000,000 and above, or average turnover, actual import and export revenue, or commission has reached NT$ 10,000,000 and above, US$ 1,000,000 and above, or US$ 400,000 and above, respectively.

    (2) Established for more than one year: its average turnover, actual import and export revenue, or commission in the most recent year or for the past three years has reached no less than NT$10,000,000, US$1,000,000, or US$ 400,000, respectively.

    Remark 2: Innovation Member

    Employer that is a business entity complying with definitions of a 'startup with innovation capability' and submits verifying documents proving the establishment has not exceeded five years and other relevant documents proving one of the following qualifications in accordance with the Company Act or Business Registration Act of Taiwan:

    (1) Obtain the following investment (fundraising) amounting to at least NT$2 million. (a.Investments from domestic and foreign venture capital businesses. b.Individual cash investments, as described in Article 23-2 of the Statute for Industrial Innovation. c.Investment reviewed and approved by the Angel Investment Project run by the National Development Fund, Executive Yuan. d.Investment (fundraising) from domestic, foreign or international start-up funding platforms recognized by the Government of Taiwan.)

    (2) Has registered with the Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) operated by the Taipei Exchange.

    (3) Has obtained invention patents or design patents in Taiwan, or has been assigned or licensed with the invention patents or design patents by the patent owners who have completed the registration of such assignment/licensing at the Intellectual Property Office, MOEA.

    (4) Have applied and obtained plant variety rights, or animal and plant name registration in Taiwan, but does not include those implemented by rights assignment or authorization.

    (5) Those startups that have been physically stationed within one year, or are physically stationing in, the following parks or startup incubators, and have been recommended by such parks or startup incubators. (a.International start-up parks and projects approved by the central or local governments in Taiwan. b.The central or local government-operated startup incubators in Taiwan, or those registered in the MOEA international startup incubators and approved and announced by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of MOEA. c.Foreign startup incubators recognized by the central or local governments in Taiwan.)

    (6) The startup or the head of the company has received an award in representative entrepreneurial competitions in Taiwan or overseas.

    (7) The startup or the head of the company has participated in indicative domestic/international fashion week shows, or has been a finalist or winner in indicative domestic/international film festivals, or international style awards and competitions.

    (8) Others, as approved by the central competent authority of the relevant industry.