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Taishin Bank-Tseng, Chao-Jung

  • date:2019-11-15
Taishin Bank-Tseng, Chao-Jung

     Founded on February 18, 2002, the vision of Taishin Bank has been to gain the identification and recognition of customers.  Taishin covers such subsidiaries as banks, securities, assets management, and capital ventures. It has four overseas branches and two offices.

      According to the assistant manager of the Recruitment Section of the Human Resources Division, Taishin Bank has actively engaged in such domestic and overseas talent recruiting activities as campus career seminars, one-on-one employment meetings, and overseas talent recruiting seminars together with Contact Taiwan. We have networked with many remarkable overseas Chinese students, which is very helpful for Taishin’s overseas talent recruitment. Contact Taiwan is an important channel for Taishin to contact outstanding overseas talents.

     Taishin Bank participated in Taichung’s one-on-one employment meeting in 2017. We interviewed many talents and, after screening, successfully recruited the overseas Chinese student Tseng, Chao-Jung from Malaysia, who had just graduated from the Department of Finance, Tunghai University.  Tseng was looking for a financial, textile, or shoe industry with an open position to work overseas. Through the arrangement of Taiwan’s External Trade Development Council and an online interview with Taishin Bank, he finally joined Taishin Bank.

   Tseng, Chao-Jung said that Taishin provides him short-term employee training at Hong Kong branch, as well as that he may have the chance to be assigned to a Singapore branch in the future. Currently, his job is to perform financial and industrial analysis and provide such reports as references for customers.  His product sales and customer communication were not great in the beginning, but they got better thanks to the direction and patience of his superiors. Later on, he had the opportunity to attend the New Zealand Conference and meet and exchange with colleagues at the Indonesia branch regarding the trade negotiation issue. When working with officers or staff in Singapore, he found a cultural connection and highly friendly communication because he spoke Singlish. This was an important consideration for Assistant Manager Huang, Yu-Hern to hire employee Tseng.

       As Taishin Bank seeks overseas Chinese students and talents, strategic planning is adopted. The Company expects to employ talents who are helpful with market exploration or establishing offices. For example, employee Tseng is advantageous for southern bound market exploration, cultural identification, and affection. Taishin Bank will establish consecutive branches in Vietnam in 2019. In the future, Taishin will recruit international talents according to the overall market orientation by participating in Contact Taiwan activities.    

        Tseng, Chao-Jung became familiar with the Contact Taiwan platform when he attended the Asian Financial Cup organized by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). FSC encourages financial holding companies to compete in the Asian Cup in cooperation with the then-new southern bound policy. All major banks manage overseas Chinese talent cultivation conferences aimed at overseas Chinese students, and employee Tseng registered as a talent member. Thanks to his wonderful experience, he suggests that overseas talents should frequently use the Contact Taiwan platform because while other talent matchmaking platforms are aimed mainly at Taiwanese candidates, Contact Taiwan focuses on the recruitment of all overseas talents (including foreign students and overseas Chinese students). All Taiwanese enterprises that seek talents through this platform will assist with the work permit application, which is an important bonus.