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Martin Hornansky, Slovakia

  • date:2018-01-31
Computer industry, culture, and many opportunities Taiwan has for engineers
2016, Martin Hornansky, Slovakia Martin Hornansky
Martin Hornansky
Martin Hornansky

Nationality: Slovak

Company: MediaTek Inc.

Position: Multimedia Development Department Engineer

"Computer industry, culture, and many opportunities Taiwan has for engineers"

Taiwan is an industrialized and developed country with very strong high-tech industry and good educational system containing many high universities and research institutes especially in the field of engineering. Moreover, Taiwan is definitely one of the safest and foreigner friendly country in the world.

Taiwan is an amazing country with wonderful scenery. My favorite National Park is TAROKO with high mountain, deep forests, and many waterfalls. Taiwan also has many wonderful beaches. And the transportation system in Taiwan is also very convenient and integrated. But definitely the best thing in Taiwan are the people always willing to help and always smiling.

One of the interesting I think of Taiwan is its night market culture. The night market are the places with high variety of local but also international food, drink, smell, and color. The people gather there every night to meet, to talk, to chat, to work, or to eat the snack.

Originally, I came to Taiwan to pursue greater degree in one of the international program offer by one of the Taiwanese university. Because I was very attracted by Taiwanese computer industry, culture, and many opportunities Taiwan has for engineers, I decided to stay and work. Join us!