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Sean O’Sullivan, USA

  • date:2018-01-31
A small island with a lot to offer that people won't know about until they visit
2016, Sean O’Sullivan, USA Sean O'Sullivan
Sean O’Sullivan
Sean O'Sullivan

Nationality: US

Occupation: Educational Consulting

"A small island with a lot to offer that people won't know about until they visit"

Working in Taiwan I had a lot of experience over the past ten years. I had many opportunities to work with everyone from young children to teenagers, college students, and adults. No matter who it is and no matter what I am doing, I always really enjoyed it.

Living in Taiwan especially in Taipei, it's always really convenient to do just about anything. It really provides a wide range of activities and experiences that it's hard to find in a lot of places in countries that I have lived in. It's quite easy to travel for five to ten minutes and be in the national park, Yangmingshan and enjoy the countryside and the scenery there. Take a short bus ride or train right up the coast, I can see the beach, the coastline, and all the scenery there. At the same time, if I want to enjoy the city life, there's the night market, nightclubs, and bars. There's basically anything you possibly want to do all within just a short travel distance away.

I have lived in a lot of countries in Asia and being Hong Kong and Shanghai a lot of years. But Taiwan is really kind of grabbed me in ways those places didn't. The combination of the people of the environment and the opportunity for me both professionally and personally, Taiwan has offered a lot more than China did or than Hong Kong did. I just felt much more at home here and while I originally only planned to stay in Taiwan for a year or two. Now I have been here over ten years close to twelve years and have no plans to go anywhere else.

It's a small island but it really has a lot of offers that people just don't know about it until they come here.