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Chen Xu-Long, Macau

  • date:2018-01-31
2015, Xu-Long Chen, Macau

"The real attraction of one country for people to live in is the country''s development and planning for the future and Taiwan vacancies." Taiwan''s advantage is its diversified industrial makeup.

Chen Xu-Long
Taiwan vacancies

Nationality: Chinese from Macau

Company: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC)

Position: Engineer in the Manufacturing Information Technology Department

Xu-Long's (known as XL) feelings for Taiwan can be traced to a time when he followed sister to study and to later get a medical position. Generally speaking, the ratio of students from Macau that stays in Taiwan after graduation is not very high. Taiwan may not appear to be an attractive destination for work. The United States and Shanghai, China are more attractive. This may indicate that diplomas from Taiwan are not popular for foreign students. In XL's case, it has been more than 3 years since he received his bachelor and master's degrees from the Department of Computer Science from the National Chiao Tung University. XL first learned about the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's job requirements through a summer internship. He later interviewed with TSMC at a job fair held in March, and received an offer from TSMC after graduation.

XL is in charge of program development and system maintenance at TSMC. Because of his experience in Taiwan as a student for 6 years, XL has stated his colleagues at TSMC may not all realize that he is from Macau. His experience at TSMC has provided XL with the latest trends in the semiconductor industry. As Mainland China continues expanding economic zones and policies to attract talent, XL can not help but think about his next steps.

XL stated, "The real attraction of one country for people to live in is the country's development and planning for the future." Taiwan's advantage, in his eyes, is its diversified industrial makeup. Unlike the lack of a manufacturing industry in Macau, high paying positions in Macau are as a casino dealer or a civil servant. In other words, XL has a lot of possibilities and opportunities to change his job if he chose to stay in Taiwan, as opposed to living in Macau. For example, XL has followed his friends who have created their own start up as a side job, called Takagism: Door & Room Escape. It is a virtual reality gaming company in Hsinchu.

According to XL, in addition to salary, convenience of living is another attractive aspect of Taiwan. Having access to 24-hour convenience stores, online shopping, accessibility and diversity of tourist destinations and medical quality, helps create a comfortable lifestyle. One concern is that the Taiwanese government should provide flexible visa regulations. For example, foreigners are only allowed 1-2 weeks as a transition period and may not be long enough to consider whether to extend their stay in Taiwan.  

Living 9 years in Taiwan has allowed him not only to get degrees and a job, but also a Taiwanese girlfriend. Furthermore, members of his family have also chose to develop their own careers in Taiwan. All these factors have made XL want to stay in Taiwan. Recently, XL has observed that some of his friends from school who also want to work or study outside of Macau, want to understand the feasibility and opportunity of working in Taiwan. However, there is no integrated platform to find relevant job vacancies for overseas talent. After becoming familiar with the HiRecruit website set up by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, XL now agrees that the website can provide overseas talent with opportunities to find jobs in Taiwan. As a computer science engineer, XL has a concern about the security of disclosing personal information to websites. XL, a citizen of Macau that has been living in Taiwan for 9 years, is deeply concerned about developing his experience of working in Taiwan. Taiwan is helping him to achieve many of his personal goals.