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  • date:2021-09-14
NEW TOP-Tran Ngoc Hung (Harry)

We met Harry in 2020 in the One-on-One Employment Meeting in Tainan.  He came to Taiwan in spring 2018 and has lived here for over three years now.


He studies for IMBA degree in the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, with courses covering international business administration, marketing management, and international financial management. These are taught in English by teachers from the college of management, college of finance, and banking and business intelligence school. This course cultivates international management skills, professional knowledge, language ability, and international ideas through a 2-year program. After graduation, these international skills will be beneficial when job hunting in an international market (including Taiwan).


He knew of Contact TAIWAN through a senior student in the school who had participated in the Recruitment Camp organized by Contact TAIWAN. After listening to his experiences in the camp, Harry is very impressed with Contact TAIWAN.


Harry attended the recruitment activity of Contact TAIWAN – the One-on-One Employment Meeting in Tainan organized at Tainan Zenda Suit for the first time. He expressed that the overall organization is professional and smooth. All staff clearly provided information regarding the registration guides and notices for the interview. He felt very relieved even though it was his first recruitment activity.


Harry had appointed 3 businesses for one-on-one interviews and acquired the second interview notice of 3 companies. With full consideration of his personal career plans, he only accepted the second-round interview of NEW TOP CORPORATION. NEW TOP has operated cleaning appliances focusing on plastic home appliance development since 1958.  The mission of the company is to “continuously provide the best products and services in advanced time based on customer satisfaction, safety, and environmentally-friendly quality for a richer and beautiful family life”.  The brands include: MyJae (妙潔), AiJae (愛潔), and Forshine 5(花香5) that have home cleaning products such as PE wrap, plastic bags, mops and magic towels.


Before going to NEW TOP headquarters in Taipei, HR asked Harry to do intelligence, aptitude, and psychological tests, as well as prepare materials regarding the Vietnamese market. During the interview, a high-ranking business officer introduced the products and company culture, and had an in-depth talk with Harry about his personal experiences and character to confirm if he is suitable for the position (Country Sales in the Vietnam market). The overall interview process experience was very good.


According to Harry, there are more than 17,000 students from Vietnam coming to Taiwan for higher education. Although each one studies in a different department, Business Administration (BA) and engineering are popular departments among Vietnamese students. Finally, when we asked Harry for suggestions about this recruitment activity, he said that he hopes to have similar activities organized if possible, to provide more job matchmaking opportunities for international students like him.