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Piroontip Lakkhanawirot, Thailand

  • date:2018-01-31
An international working environment with unique organizational culture
2016, Piroontip Lakkhanawirot, Thailand Piroontip Lakkhanawirot
Piroontip Lakkhanawirot
Piroontip Lakkhanawirot

Nationality: Thai

Company: Howren Trading Co., Ltd.

Position: Assistant Manager

"An international working environment with unique organizational culture"

From the beginning of my journey, it started from I got the chance to come to Taiwan sightseeing for tour to Taiwan. And It really fascinated me and it's also incredibly difficult not to fall in love with Taiwan.

In Taiwan people can learn more and more because there is a unique organizational culture in Taiwanese company. People in Taiwan can also learn more about different kinds of culture because they are really love team work.

Taiwanese is really hard working and also really focus on the goal. I think their strength of Taiwan is the standard of performance and also employment management.

Since I have been in Taiwan for two years, I have studied in business administration and I find out that there is a unique culture in Taiwan and a lot of support for the new industry, new technology, and new innovation for the new business here. This is the main point that why I think that come to Taiwan for work is a great opportunity.

I'm currently working in Taiwanese enterprise. The organizational culture here is attractive. When you come, you can meet amazing colleagues to share your ideas with and easily adapt yourself to this international working environment.