Taiwan remains 3rd in Asia in IMD 2023 World Talent Ranking!

Taiwan has again ranked third in Asia in the IMD 2023 World Talent Ranking, which measures the availability of workers with needed skills and the quality of local talent, coming behind Singapore and Hong Kong.

In the "investment and development" category, Taiwan is ranked second in terms of "health infrastructure" and seventh in "employee training."

Of the 11 sub-factors in "appeal," Taiwan is especially strong in "worker motivation" in which it is ranked fourth in the world.

Among the12 sub-factors under "readiness," or the availability of skills and competencies in the local talent pool, Taiwan's advantages are in "graduates in sciences" and "educational assessment - PISA," in which it is placed in the seventh and eighth places, in the economies considered, respectively.

The government will continue upgrading the six core strategic industries - information and digital industries, cybersecurity, precision health, green and renewable energy, national defense and strategic industries, and strategic stockpile - and enhancing the quality and quantity of Taiwan's local and foreign talents with policies aiming to attract foreign professionals and keep foreign students who graduate from local schools in the local workforce.